41 Stunning Plant for Your Dinning Room Ideas

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If you have sliding doors in your dining room, you might want to consider decorating in an indoor/outdoor garden theme. You can wallpaper that same wall with a botanical pattern, such as leaves, ferns, vines, and so forth.

Bentwood chairs would be fitting for this design. Remember that there are no right angles or perfectly straight lines in nature, so a round, oval, or even a rectangular table with rounded corners would be appropriate. The fabric on your chairs should blend well with the wallpaper and carry through your scheme.

Lighting should be soft and casual…wrought iron in a leaf or flower pattern would be perfect. An area rug under the glass-top table should be floral, and contain the colors of the upholstery and wallpaper.

Accessories should be of natural materials, such as wood or stone carvings. Your tablecloth should have an interesting texture, with a looser weave, but be a solid neutral color. If you use place mats they can be of bamboo or a fabric with a leafy or floral design.

Your centerpiece should change with the seasons. It can be a live green plant with a small bird in it, or colorful flowers for spring and summer.

In the fall, change it to a dried flower arrangement, or a bowl of pine cones and acorns and nuts. For Christmas, add sprigs of pine and holly.

A potted tree next to the sliding doors (if there is room for it), continues to bring the outdoor garden into your dining room. If there isn’t, hang a few plants on either or both sides of the doors.

If you want candlelit dinners, float them in shallow glass bowls, nestled in potpourri or flower petals. For scent, use lavender in spring, rose in summer, and pine or cranberry for fall and winter.

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