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Thinking of redesigning and redecorating a room? Want to add a touch of class, or really push the limits of what you can do with glass wall tiles?

Then if you want to get really stylish: Stop and take a look at the exciting new ranges of wall tiles designed to add the wow factor to boring old borders.

Currently on the mosaics block are a new range of stylish borders which come in a spectrum of textured and elegant mixtures of glass and stone mosaic borders and are available in a range of beautiful colour ways.

If you shop around you are sure to find these new borders in marble, limestone, sandstone and slate at least.

What is great about the make up and finish to the tiles themselves is that the smooth glass borders contrast brilliantly alongside the textured stone mosaic borders to provide sophisticated and distinctive decor – a perfect addition for any kitchen or bathroom.

They can be incorporated into any new design and should really be viewed as a way to dress up your vision for your new room.

That’s because they’re designed to add something that little bit extra to any mosaic tile arrangement. Put simply, borders can create a chic and beautiful finish.

They are undoubtedly an exciting new addition to mosaic design and offer the perfect opportunity to enhance, intrigue and inspire, and will take tiling in your home to new lengths.

But don’t just stop at borders. These are mosaic tiles with a difference and can be used to create a fabulous feature on a plain wall or can run the length of a room for a dramatic, eye-catching and elegant finish.

There really are no limits and you will be able to stretch your imagination, and the design you want to achieve, to get results beyond anything you’ve imagined before. Such is the delight, texture and look you can create with such versatile and distinctive border tiles.

Many of the ranges of border mosaic tiles boast tempting textures and captivating colours to add a linear look to kitchen and bathroom walls.

The streamlined tiles are different lengths creating a sense of eclectic order. Made from gorgeous glass and smooth stone, the high quality of the ranges of mosaic tiles are second to none and should be seriously considered in any new design you are contemplating.

Go on, give those tired old borders a complete rethink and get daring with the way you finish your new room.


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