48 Amazing Backyard Studio Shed Design

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here are several types of shed designs to choose from when deciding to build a shed in your backyard. These include the saltbox roof style, gable roof style, gambrel roof style or barn style, lean-to and clerestory style. Each style is based on the roof style used.

Consider the clerestory style shed. It has a very distinctive shape. It consists of a row of windows at the top front of the roof. This row of clerestory windows allows indirect sunlight into the shed which will spread downward into the structure to maximize illumination.

This makes the structure great for being used as office space or studio. It also makes this style of shed great for being used as a potting shed or gardening.

Another aspect of the clerestory style shed is that the row of windows at the top will allows it to have more usable wall space. It also gives the shed a greater level of security because of the location of the windows. The windows are not at eye level, but are high up in the roof.

Of course building this type of shed will be more involved then building a gable roof shed or lean-to type shed. But it offers more versatility as it can used not only as general storage shed but also as a potting shed because of the location of the windows in its design.

Having access to proven backyard shed plans than cover the construction of this type of shed would also be very useful in aiding the successful completion of this type of structure.


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