44 Super Smart Tips For Perfect Lighting

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When it comes to choosing the right lighting for your home or a big event, the selections on offer can be a little overwhelming.

But with so many different colours, shades and styles to choose from, it’s never been easier to create the mood you want, whether you’re looking for a lasting theme or creating something special for an occasion.

Here are some tips for navigating your way to your ideal lighting effects.

In the Home

The trick to achieving good lighting in the home is to create something versatile that will work at any time of day and for any occasion. Fit multiple lights to build up brightness rather than a single high watt bulb. Use a mixture of upward and downward lighting to accent features in the room like fireplaces or display cases.

With down lighters, make sure to use a shade that compliments the colour of the room and a medium brightness bulb to avoid glare. Installing a dimmer switch will allow you to set the level of brightness and can take you from a brightly lit family room to a romantic dinner setting in an instant.

Make sure too that you have ‘task lighters’ such as desk lamps and spot lights in the kitchen, to provide you with extra light to help you work in a specific area.

Time to Party

If you’re throwing a big party at home or renting out a venue, you should pay extra attention to the lighting scheme to create the right effect for the occasion. A wedding, for instance, is more likely to suit soft lighting rather than bright strip lighting.

There are also a number of styles to choose, from delicate and informal fairy lights to elegant chandeliers. Hanging lights are best for a large room. Choose multiple LED pendant lights, which will give maximum brightness whilst using the least energy, and can be angled to direct light into the right areas, perfect for an after dinner disco.

The benefit of LED lights is that they come in multiple colours. For example, choosing a soft bulb with yellow or light pink tones will create a softer light. Strings of miniature lights will also create a soft and starry effect, which can be supported by candlelight at table level. Use dark red and pink accents for lavish velvety effects or opt for blues for a cold and futuristic feel.

Best for Outdoors

LED lights are also a great choice for outdoor lighting as they are weather resistant and do not break. If you have paving or decking, try yellow or blue spotlights at floor level to light your way and create a flattering uplit effect. If you have trees, string a length of white lights through them for a summery party feel all year round.

Solar lights are great for the garden, as they don’t require any wiring can can be placed anywhere. Screw solar post lights into the ground and they will recharge in the day to give you a soft glowing light at night.


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