46 Amazing Traditional Kitchen Designs For Your Kitchen Renovation

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The perfect pantry is spacious, logically organised, easy to find things in and definitely a feature you would want to include in your new kitchen renovations.

But what if you don’t have the space for a full pantry or have no clue as to how you should organise your food and cook ware? We are here to help with some handy tips on how to design the best pantry for your kitchen renovations!

Door Mounted Storage: Door mounted racks and shelves are an easy way to double the storage potential of your kitchen renovations.

Whether you choose to have your pantry fitted out with built in door shelves to hold heavy staples in an easy to reach spot, or simply hang bag holders and wire space racks after your kitchen renovation, this is a fantastic way to reduce the clutter that can build up at the back of the pantry.

Storage Containers: No pantry is complete without a good collection of airtight food containers and shelf organisers.

While your kitchen renovations are under way you might want to start collecting containers and jars of differing sizes to store and display all of your food, from grains to pasta and sweets, safely and hygienically.

Proper Placement: Placing your pantry in the most convenient spot in your kitchen renovations layout is important to making your space easy to use and cook in for the future. The pantry forms one of the points of the cooking ‘work triangle,’ along with the oven/stove and work surface and should be placed at a convenient distance from these two points.

Open Pantries: Rather than traditional closed pantry cabinets, you might prefer some open shelves for handy, easy to see storage. Storage shelves are a great idea for small rooms, as they make the whole space seem more spacious and open.

Custom Made: Getting your pantry custom made during your kitchen renovations is undoubtedly the best solution for storing your food staples and cooking equipment.

To get the best results with shelves that are tailored to your needs it is necessary to plan ahead carefully and to work with a carpenter to create a design of appropriate dimensions.

Pull Out Pantries: A pull out pantry is the most space economical option for small kitchen renovations. These pantries slot into deep spaces next to the fridge or other space hogging appliances and provide easy access to your dry goods.


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