41 Extravagant Houses With Unique And Remarkable Design

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The Hollywood Hills are in the neighborhood of Los Angeles, California in the Santa Monica Mountains. It has Beachwood Canyon, Hollywood Heights, Laurel Canyon, Sunset Hills etc. as its neighborhoods. It is quite obvious that the architectural homes in Hollywood are of a great demand.

With the appropriate scenic view and also luxurious amenities for life, the Hollywood Hills have become the home for many of the richer people in the world. These houses are extensive and are ornamented with various types of accessorized additions such as lawns, artificial banks, swimming pools etc to make the experience more charming.

Since they are provides with so many luxuries, their prices are extremely high which again reflects the fact that only the richest people of the globe can afford to lead a life here. Yet, there still remains a very high demand for these architectural homes in Hollywood. The homes in the Hills are provided with spectacular views with very heavy security systems.

They have automatic gates, precise welding, central alarm system, scattered camera, storm shutters etc. The buyers in this particular area appreciates being close to markets, night clubs, studios or the beach. They have access to these joints in less than thirty minutes.

This has emerged as a late modern urban attitude, most remarkably in the younger population. All these factors together contribute to the high demand of the architectural homes in the Hills. The people living in the Hollywood Hills are more attracted towards these extravagant offerings that the Hollywood Hills has in store. Due to its appropriate position, the scenic beauty also attracts a major part of the population.

Los Angeles is a unique city and it is filled with exceptional architectural buildings. Its architecture is varied. The architectures are an amalgamation from sublime to the bizarre. This makes the work even more exciting. This region is an art and craft movement.

There are various styles of architecture in the Hollywood Hill homes. We find designed based on Spanish architecture, typical American bungalows, amalgamation of various architectural styles from different parts of the world. It basically exhibits a complete mixture of various international styles of architecture which gives it its posh essence.

The homes in Hollywood Hills, as mentioned before, are extremely expensive. The average price of a single family home in this area was $ 14, 00,000 in November 2004. This gives us a faint picture of the range of these properties present in the Hollywood Hills.

Most of the people residing in the Hollywood Hills are either movie actors or directors or singers or any other type of entertainers. Few of the most notable residents of the the Hills architectural homes are Brad Pitt, Sharon Stone.

Brittany Murphy, Scarlett Johanson; all of them are actors. Few of the singers are Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Johnny Mathis etc. They belong to the richest class of people and they actually live a comfortable life here. To live in the homes in the Hollywood Hills have always been every man’s dream, and those who actually live there truly leads the life of a ‘superstar.’


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