43 Lovely Penthouse Signature Design

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If you were offered a choice of a gorgeous luxury villa or a luxury penthouse to live in, which would you choose? What would a penthouse offer that a luxury villa could not?

A luxury villa could have anything that one may think of … a pool, a garden, a patio … but there is one thing a penthouse can have that even a luxury villa cannot have – large picture windows that offer gorgeous views and look out on the skyline.

Since penthouses are designed for lots and lots of light, the windows of a penthouse are perhaps its defining feature – the one feature that sets it apart from other luxury residences. Every room of a penthouse can offer a gorgeous and distinct view of monuments or even distant hills or the ocean.

Not surprisingly, interior designers expend much effort in the design, dressing and treatment of penthouse windows.

Penthouse Window Designs

The wrap around window, which runs around the penthouse, is one of the more common designs. This design conveys the impression of totally glassed walls. These may be complete, half or three quarter windows. Other fairly common window designs are bay windows and tilted windows.

Dressing Penthouse Windows

Since windows are what really set penthouses apart, it is natural that these should be used as the focal points of the interiors. And a lot can be done to highlight the windows and make them the focus of any room …

Thoughtfully placed floor lamps and focus lights could enhance the beauty and appeal of the windows.

Carefully chosen drapes, curtain rods and valances can give a personality to your window and to the entire room too. Using a combination of drapes and valences that fit in with the rest of the room’s decor can do a great deal to add to the elegance of a room and give a touch of class and style.

Designing and dressing penthouse windows, if done with care, imagination and creativity, can give every room in a penthouse a unique personality, look and feel and can give a touch of style that can prove to be a source of delight for many years.


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