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40 Amazing Diy Ideas For Fresh Wedding Centerpiece

Wedding centerpieces are one of the things that a bride-to-be will spend a huge amount of time on. With centerpieces, everything matter; the color, the size and the shape. The centerpieces are supposed to contribute to the wedding theme and at the same time they’re that critical part of the décor that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

With centerpieces you have two broad choices; you can go conventional or you can find something chic and modern. Conventional means the typical flowers and candles. Flowers, particularly wedding flowers are dead expensive.

With flowers, you have a huge variety and lots of different ways to decorate it all. If you combine different kinds of flowers, the centerpiece will look all the better but the flower variety can again add to the cost. You can take tall and thin vases and use fewer flowers.

If you make the centerpieces yourself as opposed to having a florist make them for you, you’ll save a lot. Candles cost less than flowers but make sure that they can’t fall over and start a fire and the candle stands will leave a lot of space empty.

Unique centerpieces not only cost less but are also likely to leave a better lasting impression. When you think unique wedding centerpiece ideas, you can include just about anything from candy dishes filled with chocolates or beads to pictures or you can simply put fresh fruit arrangements or fruit bouquets in the center. A unique centerpiece can set the theme to your wedding and add a personal touch.

Fresh fruit bouquets are a unique wedding centerpiece idea for your wedding arrangements. Serve ordinary fruit in an extraordinary way; fresh fruit arrangements and fruit bouquets are unique centerpieces for wedding tables.


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