45 Welcoming Contemporary Porch Designs

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Many new homes these days are designed with the contemporary style. A contemporary styled porch is usually created using simple clean lines with a bit of sophistication thrown in the mix.

Painted with neutral colors and textures, they often display splashes of color by using pillows and other decorative accents. The modern porches that are designed today can be decorated to portray any look and feel you want to attract your visitors and draw them into your haven.

Contemporary porches should be a reflection of your home. You could choose to add a single wicker chair, a small plant and some small planters to create a homey feeling for a smaller home.

Or you can enclose a porch to create a more elaborate sun room complete with couches, a small table and chair or other outdoor furniture suitable for entertaining, to accent a larger homes appearance. There are many options available to you with a contemporary porch design.

If you are working with a smaller porch layout, there are still many things that can be done to create an inviting environment for both visitors and your family. You could either make or buy a wreath to add some color to your door.

Replacing a small boring light fixture with a modern Hanging Lantern will add some character and change the ambience of your enclosure. Adding a comfortable swing with colorful pillows, a seabreeze exterior rug, and a potted plant could work to complete the picture.

If you have the space and live in a climate that allows for a lot of time spent outdoors, you may want to add a comfy outdoor couch, a coffee table or small dining set, a large outdoor rug or even paint the porch floor with a high gloss shine or specialized paint to make your flooring appear to be made of marble.

Remember to add plants or a small tree to add greenery to your porch and give the air a fresh scent. For extras, you can add candles of different sizes and shapes, vases, a basket for holding magazines, and perhaps some beautiful wind chimes.

If you are not sure what decorating ideas are suitable for contemporary porches, drive around the neighborhood and take note of what other people are doing with their porches. Browse through some Home and Garden magazines for ideas, or do a search online. You can find many front porch pictures online to spark your imagination.


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