46 Elegant Blue Themed Bedroom Ideas

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Whatever decorating scheme you chose, the greatest endeavour should be made to ensure that the bedroom will always be the place of sanctuary imbued with individual personality and comfort.

Happily the bedroom is potentially one of the most decoratively flexible, creative, and individual areas in the home because it is contrived solely for personal, rather than public, gratification. Within the bedroom environment, the cool look creates an atmosphere of harmony, reflection and peace.

The aspect of the room is one of the first considerations when decoding on what ingredients will best empathize with the spirit of the style. If the room has large windows and faces toward the sunshine, then this is the principal factor on which to base all other ingredients.

Exploit the fact that the room is blessed with lots of natural light by using ethereal or subtly patterned fabrics. Be generous in the quantities to engender a sense of luxury, but keep the curtain design unfussy and rhythmical: there is a vital balanced to find when using cool colour, maintaining an open, cool look while not mistakenly creating a sense of bleakness.

The bed’s solid bulk is the visual core of the room, and as such should be fully included within the overall scheme, rather that treated as a separate entity, as so often happens. Include at least one deeply upholstered chair of chaise longue, if there is room, and provide plenty of storage space to exclude mass.

Take full advantage of the combinations of hard and soft surfaces for the cool bedroom, bedroom contains a lot of soft furnishings, while the bed frame, wardrobes, and other storage items provide ample hard surfaces. It can be the pivot for a blue and silver, or white and aquamarine scheme, leaving the hard areas of floor and walls as the clean lined backdrop in white or palest blue.

While hard flooring certainly contributes to the cool atmosphere of a room, painted floorboards, for example it is a good idea to combine this with rugs and curtains to soften the sound. Woodwork could be painted to pick up on the focus of colour around the bed.

If the fabrics focus is to be held on the bed area, an easily created four poster effect can be made by attaching light material curtains onto tape and fixing the four corners to hooks screwed into the ceiling. The cool theme, especially in the bedroom, must never be a clinical or cold one, so you will need to make consessions here and there. Either use subtle variations in colour so that the look is not too empty.

Naturally white walls accentuate cool space, but in the bedroom it is best to include areas of colour soft blues that retain the cool feel, especially around the bed to define that focus, perhaps by painting the bed head wall.


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