50 Modern Minimalist Living Room Ideas

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Minimalism is very popular and a minimalist living room looks calm, relaxing, without mess and quietly refined.

When you have a living room designed in a minimalist fashion everything seems clearer, cleaner and more open, it really does help you to relax.

The amount of time you have to spend cleaning is also seriously lessened, there are far less things to clean around. You will fall in love with your minimalist living room.

So, when you decide it is time to have a minimalist living room you should consider the following things:
*1 The furnishings you use in the living room need to be simple, strong but also have a ornamental appearance. Do not put any furniture into the living room that you don’t need, no plant pots, foot rests, random tables. *2 The sofa needs to be simple but elegant, make it a clear rectangular shape or go for a Chippendale style, if you don’t know what this is then look it up. Do not pack the sofa with colorful gaudy cushions, keep the cushion count to a minimum with only a couple plain ones on each side of the sofa.
*3 Any tables you do have, such as the coffee table, should also be simple in design. Try a nice clear acrylic cube style table, or perhaps some understated tables made from class and metal.
*4 Do not go overboard with rugs or other floor coverings and any wall hangings. You can use a nice plain area rug that is not embellished, you don’t want layers on top of layers however.
*5 Go with calming neutral colors for the walls, do not use different colors on any wall.
*6 The same goes for any shades or lamps you use, go for plain designs. A nice style to go for are those made from either wrought iron or ceramic that are nice and plain.
*7 Go for indirect lighting in order to create a nice ambiance. Minimalist living rooms don’t have colorful shades or chandeliers, they especially do not have fake candle wall lights!
*8 Either have bare windows or if you are going to cover them make sure it is once again done simplicity. Nice plantation style shutters painted a neutral color can work, or some neutral curtains on a nice plain wrought iron curtain rail, you can also use plain wood blinds, basically whatever you use make sure it is a neutral color and not garish.


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