42 Lovely Western Style Kitchen Decorations

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When you like a certain style of decorating, it is important to show off that style throughout your home. This includes in your kitchen. For those of you who love western décor, there are endless ideas for your western kitchen.

Because there are so many different aspects to this one design style, you have a few ways in which you can take your look.

You either can incorporate all aspects of the style into your kitchen or you can focus on one aspect, such as cowboy hats, and use just those throughout. Both ways will show off your style sense, you just have to decide if you want it all or just one feature.

Decorating in western kitchen décor is actually really fun because of all the tiny details you can use. For instance, you can even have your salt and pepper shakers in many great western shapes such as horses and boots.

You also can use cowboy cookie jars and canister sets that fit into your décor idea as well. Since it is your kitchen, an important decorating aspect is the curtains. You want to make sure your curtains reflect and match the rest of the room’s western theme.

Borders look really great in kitchens, so you can incorporate a western style border into the room. For the furniture in your kitchen, you want to look for unfinished furniture.

These types of rustic items will look more natural and real than if you were to get a highly glossy kitchen table. As far as the accents go, the more black iron you have, the more realistic it will look. Copper also is a great western accent as well. You actually can use both together for a really unique look.

You also can incorporate your western theme décor in your kitchenware as well. For instance, wrought iron horseshoes make great napkin and plate holders, even when you are not using them they make great centerpieces for your kitchen table. The ideas are endless and the style can go as far as your own imagination.


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