45 Amazing Christmas Lighting Ideas For Frontyard

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The best gift you could give to your community this year would be a creative display of decorative outdoor lighting for Christmas.

You know the warmth and happiness you feel when you drive by a home or business all lit up for the holidays, and you may know the excitement that holiday light displays give children.

If you want to create that warmth and happiness for your community this year, these tips should make your job a bit easier.

Have a Vision

The best lighting displays start out with a bit of imagination and a vision. If you cannot already imagine your home all lit up, then spend some time sitting or walking outside.

If you are creating this decorative display at work or even a public park, spend some time there. As you walk or sit and look around, think about the type of display you want to create and where different elements of the display may be located.

Write your ideas down or sketch the vision forming in your head. Not only does this vision ensure that you create the display you really want to create, but it helps reduce the cost of the display and cuts back on wasted time.

Without a vision you would wander through stores or search randomly online, unsure of what you should buy. Once you get it all at home, you will waste time trying to figure out where to put everything and how to organize the project.

If you have some idea of what you want to create, then shopping becomes more focused and you can easily break the process into steps that help you work faster and get the display up quickly.

Get Creative

There should always be something that sets your lighting displays apart from all others. You want to give others a reason to look forward to your display on their way home from work or on the way to the grocery store.

If you can think of a slight twist on the usual decorations presented in your community, then you can add some extra cheer into the lives of others passing by.

You may decide to put your Santa Clause figure on the roof by the chimney where he really belongs. You may decide to present an entire Christmas scene in your front yard, including the elves working away in their workshop, lit-up presents and candy, and of course, the Reindeer taking off from the roof.

You can create a scene that will encourage others to stop and soak it all in. Alternatively, you could include just one feature that is a bit surprising and unexpected.

Christmas displays can also be thought-provoking. You may want to remind everyone what the holiday is all about by creating a detailed manger with a lot of white lights surrounding it.

Whatever your vision may be, make sure to set a time-frame for putting up your decorative outdoor lighting for Christmas. Most people start around Thanksgiving, so the neighborhood has plenty of time to enjoy what they create.


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