41 Minimalist Small Tree In A Bucket Ideas for Christmas

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Christmas is a special time or year, and a prime part of Christmas, besides family and other loved ones, is certainly the Christmas tree.

I love all types of trees from live outdoor trees that are decorated, to indoor natural trees, potted plants and other trees, and I’ve even grown quite fond of artificial trees, something I didn’t understand in my youth. While as a kid everyone had a full size natural tree, that is simple less possible these days.

Not only have their prices increased a lot over the years, but a full size tree takes a lot of space. Fewer families have that extra space available, especially with so many people living in apartments and condos. That is just one reason for a small Christmas tree.

Another reason is that some of us like multiple trees. We have a natural one in the living room, a smaller one for the children that they consider “their” tree, and I also have one in my office. Visitors to my office always comment positively on it!

There are four main types of smaller trees and they are all great in their own ways. Which is your favorite?

The first type is simply a normal natural tree, but a smaller size. A 3 or 4 foot tree can fit many places a larger one cannot! Unfortunately prices are often the same as a full sized one, although you can shop around. Also a natural one will need watering, only lasts a few weeks, and loses needles and eventually dries and becomes a fire hazard.

Another type is a potted plant decorated appropriately, whether it is a tree or some other type of plant. These can absolutely rock and be used year after year!

The third type is an artificial tree that looks realistic. There are so many to choose from that are nearly indistinguishable from a natural one, and most guests will have no idea that they are fake. And of course you can use these year after year with no problem at all.

The last type is an artificial that makes no attempt to look real. Although the shape may be perfect, there are no pink, purple, red, or similar colored pines in the woods.

It is wonderful to be able to fit a tree wherever you want! With so many options for smaller trees there is sure to be one that you love!


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