Simple Home Decor Ideas For Christmas33
Simple Home Decor Ideas For Christmas33

38 Simple Home Decor Ideas For Christmas

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It is fun to redecorate for the changing seasons and holidays, but it is especially enjoyable to prepare your home for Christmas. No matter how you celebrate this holiday season, it is a special time of the year for most everyone. The following easy home decorating tips are designed to get you and your home in the holiday spirit!

When winter arrives and the days get shorter, we spend more time indoors. It is time to not only make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible but to also add a festive mood.

A chenille throw and comfy pillows in holiday colors are an instant way to add that holiday touch to any room. Remember, holiday colors are not limited to red and green; there are beautiful, frosty blues as well as silver and gold.

A Christmas entertaining idea is to add red charger plates under your white china for a more cheerful look. Another home decorating idea is to decorate each place setting with a tea light and a decorative holder. Your guests can then take them home as a party favor.

Remember to light the fireplace and make steaming hot apple cider. If you don’t use your fireplace for burning wood, don’t let that area go to waste. Add candles for a beautiful hearth. Candles can also be placed all over the home for a warm, soft glow.

Decorative lanterns make awesome holiday décor. You can put candles inside them or fill them with ornaments and lights for an extra glow in the room.

Involve your little ones to help out with the decorating. Work with them on a craft that is appropriate for their age. They will be so proud to display their handiwork.

Fill apothecary jars with Christmas goodies, such as candies, ornaments or pretty bows. This is a simple, affordable way to put a holiday spin on items that you already have on hand.

Evergreen branches, pine boughs, pine cones, winter berries and holly sprigs add such a natural, fragrant touch to your holiday decorating scheme.

You may be fortunate enough to have them growing in your yard; if not, make a trip to a nursery or florist for an even greater selection. These greens can be used throughout your house as table decorations, swags, or as a special touch to any holiday display. Bringing the outside elements indoors gives your holiday décor a rustic, homey feel!

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