48 Inspiring Christmas Wreaths Ideas For All Types Of Décor

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Wreaths are some of the most common Christmas decorations that we can see in every home during the Yuletide season. The best thing about it is its flexibility to match any decoration, concept or color scheme you want to use.

Wreaths can also transform any part of the house as a fascinating focal point since it can be placed literally anywhere. There are door wreaths that express the holiday cheer to any one visiting your house and the passerby. You can also use outdoor wreaths to decorate your patio, lanai or garden.

egardless what type or how you will use it, Christmas wreaths indeed make our home beautiful and lovely. They are just simple decorations but they can let us feel the essence of the Yuletide season.

Wreaths are best placed on our doors. Whether they are fresh Christmas wreaths or dried wreaths, they would still make our front doors more attractive and inviting. Door wreaths are typically circular in shape but nowadays, people has become more creative by designing holiday wreaths in different forms:

1. Square. Square-shaped wreaths do not only look good on our front doors. They can also be a good decoration on the walls inside our home. Their rare form can go well with our modern interior design. So if we can keep them plain or simple, they can be hung on the wall all year round.

2. Triangle. Triangular wreaths are not very common. We can rarely find outdoor wreaths in this shape. But still, they can be a perfect and unique decoration at home for Christmas.

3. Heart. We can seldom see a heart-shaped wreath during Christmas. These wreaths are often used as decorations and gifts during Mother’s day, Valentine’s day, and birthdays.

4. Snowflake. A snowflake is a good representation of the Yuletide season. Thus, snowflake-shaped wreaths are very appropriate for Christmas. Its unique shape will definitely make a difference in your Christmas decoration at home.

5. Cross. Cross-shaped wreaths are also one-of-a-kind. They are not only used during Christmas but also during funerals.

6. Star. Star-shaped Christmas wreaths look beautiful no matter where they are placed. They will look more stunning when they sparkle in the night. So you can either add Christmas lights on them or buy a prelit one.

7. Letters. Some people design their door wreaths with the letters of the alphabet. A single letter can be hung on the front doors or maybe you can form a word and hang them on your wall.

There can be many possibilities on the kinds of Christmas wreaths. If you are making your own holiday wreaths, you can actually try any forms you want. Better yet, you can search for a lot of different designs in the Internet. You can find a lot of online stores that sell beautiful and high-quality Christmas wreaths to make your home more beautiful and stunning.

Beth Delos Santos shares tips on how to decorate your home for the holidays using different kinds of wreaths. Whether you use fresh or dried wreaths, it is guaranteed that door wreaths will make your home more beautiful and inviting.


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