46 Unique Sleigh Decor Ideas For Christmas

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Fun Christmas decorations can make your home a vibrant addition to the neighborhood without appearing “tacky”. Many have seen those homes that have too many waving Santa’s and more than one inflatable snow globes, plastic nativity scenes flanked by reindeer.

You are able to add a cool, fun look to your home with similar items without “crossing the lines”. It’s not out of the question to use pre-made holiday decor or make your own home’s exterior.

As long as the lights match, even the large, multi-colored bulbs can bring out the child in every visitor, which is needed more than ever these days where economic times have weighed on many so heavily.

Load up a Parked Sleigh and Park it in the Front Yard

Decorate a sleigh of reasonable size with packages and ribbon. There is often no need to put an enormous Santa in the sleigh, or even the fabled reindeer, with the sleigh being enough to get the message across. Children will love this addition and still think of one very much like that landing on their roof with all their wishes inside.

The sleigh can even be made quite easily by a homeowner who doesn’t feel that they are particularly handy with a hammer. Use plywood with small tack nails after the wood has been pre-cut by a home improvement store.

At a local decorating store there are ideas and measurements to give prospective, creative spirits an avenue to bring a truly one-of-a-kind flavor to your yard. Paint the sleigh red once the easy, light pieces are either glued or nailed together and lace it with lights.

Arrange a Christmas Forest in the Front Yard

You can use either another cut tree, one that grows in the front yard, or a prefabricated version to bring a forest-type look to your home. If you have the spunk, you can put up a few trees that match to give the “Christmas forest” kind of appearance.

This is an exceptional way in order to flesh out “an enchanted Christmas forest” resplendent, wire deer lighted deer in the same way as the Christmas trees.

There don’t even have to be trees put in the front yard that “appear” real. Spiral, wire trees can be put in place that match the materials used to make the reindeer.

Again, as with the trees, size does matter. The trees should be in the right sizing as the reindeer. It’s a great idea to also unify the decoration with ornaments possessing similar colors. In current years there’s been a shift to use shades of cool white.

There are many “fun” ways to give your yard a youthful appearance without being an eyesore that many neighbors dread as the Christmas season comes around again. For those with children, a tasteful but universally enjoyable decorating theme that all can agree with on equal terms, and when parents and children can agree, it’s a gift unto itself!


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