37 Impressive Magical Mini Garden Ideas

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Have you heard of those adorable Fairy gardens?

They’re becoming increasingly popular and more and more people love that new addition in their house or backyard.

What are Fairy Gardens?

A Fairy Garden is basically a miniature garden made of natural materials such as pebbles, wood and living plants. It’s meant to be an enchanted green scene where live tiny magical creatures such as Fairies, but also gnomes, dwarfs, elves etc. supposed to bring good luck to your home.

They usually include several components like fantastical figurines, but also miniature benches, houses, pathways, bridges and rivers that create this unique small universe and give it a charming soul.

What setting for a Fairy Garden?

Since the Fairy Gardens are created and imagined from scratch, there is an unlimited number of different types, design and themes out there!

If they are placed inside the house, they more likely will be small and grown in containers garden such as pot plants, jars or glass containers.

If they’re part of a backyard, there is no size limitation and other themes become possible like a woodland Fairy garden (installed at the food of a tree) or the use of an existing water feature (mini boat, bridge, dock).

Fairy Garden Design

Once the theme is chosen, the different landscaping elements are gathered and assembled together in order to create the scaled miniature garden in a most realistic way as possible.

Very often, pebbles and gravel are used in order to reflect a path or courtyard just like in real life.

A different and recent decorative use for the crushed rocks and recycled coloured glass especially, that are able to suit any crazy idea!

Gravel binder comes also very handy in the project, since it can be used with any stone and holds the pebbles in place. And because it let the water come through, the surrounding small living plants can be watered without any issue!

Benefits of a Fairy Garden

Aesthetically beautiful and low maintenance, they are a great option for putting a green addition in small spaces like a small living room or a balcony.

They’re perfect for children who can be educated about nature and gardening while being inventive and having a lot of fun.

They are also loved by older people who love gardening but find it physically too taxing.

For all, it encourages imagination and creativity and brings that magical touch in our everyday lives!

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