44 Best Things Can Make Attic Space Ideas

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The term loft conversion was coined by the British. It very simply means taking attic space that has little or no current value and opening it up to add to the space in your home that is habitable.

Converting your loft into space that you can use means giving more value to your home so far as you and your family are concerned, but also actually increasing the value of your home financially as well.

Converting your loft to useable living space requires the addition of several elements. In many cases, the loft area does not offer electricity.

If it does so, the outlets and other elements of the loft may not be as up to date as they could be. Assuring first of all, that your loft is safe for use and that all of the outlets are updated is an absolute necessity.

Creating living space in small areas can be challenging.  Most decorators will tell you to use paint colors that will open up the space.

This is true if the area will be an office or a space that will be used during the daylight hours.  Creating a lighter space will be helpful in order to get an office that offers the visibility that you need.

For spaces that will house bedrooms or spare guest rooms, the need for lighter colors isn’t so prevalent. In reality, you can open up a smaller room by using some darker, or jewel tones in your small loft conversion area.

Make sure that your furniture will fit. You’ll want to measure the room and suit the furnishings to the area in question.

If your loft area is quite small, you’ll want to steer clear of beds or other furnishings that will dominate the space. This will assure that you have plenty of walking room once you get into the attic area.

Providing for a means to get into your loft area is, of course, an absolute necessity. In some cases, depending on who will be using the space, you’ll want to offer a staircase to get to the loft area.

If the loft will be used by an older person, or someone with special needs you will have to provide for that.  In other cases, the extra expense of adding a set of steps won’t be necessary.

Very often you can provide access to your loft conversion area with the use of a loft ladder. When the access area will typically be used by children or young adults, this method of attaining access is more than sufficient, so long as you select a loft ladder that can adequately hold the weight of those who will be using it.


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