36 Unique French Country Decor Ideas

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There’s a sort of design, a glamor, as the french say, Je ne sais quoi that Americans frequently associate with France. Though only a small percentage of our country’s heritage comes from France,

a large portion of our aesthetic values comes from there, and because of this you see a great deal of French country decor within the new globe – much more than you would think, otherwise.

So what does French country decor consist of? Properly, the number one attribute is sunshine. Bright and plentiful, sunshine has to be evoked for your new room to boast French country decor. Without it, you simply have a mismatched room.

The goal is always to produce a rustic look. You desire a thing that’s old globe, rich and warm, and often welcoming. You desire one thing which will make you at house from the meanest of country houses too as within the most impressive and largest with the old chateauxs.

Obviously, because sunshine is so crucial to the mix when aiming for french country decor, you will see a whole lot of normal colors in a room decorated in that specific fashion. Sunshine yellow is number one, but there will probably be softer, subtler shades of gold too.

You will see some nice, bright reds – specifically given that ceramic chickens are component of country decor, and their combs are a vivid red – but far more frequently you will see a deeper rust instead.

There will probably also be greens, whether the bright green of grass or the richer tones in the forest, the colors of french country decor spans the entire wheel from the spectrum.

When aiming for a french design room or country house, it is critical to bear in mind that a good deal on the decorating will need to be done with normal materials.

You will want plaster walls which are either rough stained or painted, and ceilings with visible, sturdy beams showing. The furniture itself will need to be carved, with hand-sown pillows there to give volume.

The floors, naturally, will likely be stone, and covered in warm, hand-made rugs.

Certainly, the greatest component about any household that’s decorated inside the french country design will likely be the old fashioned stone fireplace. It is a should, and it is the centerpiece for any french country decor household.

Should you wish to spruce it up even additional, an additional suggestion would be to have vines that may grow around window and doorframes.

It’ls a bit of authentic french country decor that could give your house the warmth and invitingness you’re searching for.


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