44 Lovely Color Interior Design Ideas

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Interior Design color schemes can be found in many places. How many color samples do you think are at your average paint store? Thousands of paint colors to choose from, each one having several shades of colors darker and lighter.

It’s enough to make you go color blind. It does not have to be difficult when you take the pressure off and find fun ways to find the colors you love and that make you feel good.

Sit quietly and think about the places you love, where is the area that makes you feel good when you walk into it? The place you feel most alive, or a place that calms you down and makes you feel tranquil.

Where is that? Is it the mountains, an ocean, a desert, or the top of a skyscraper, your favorite mall, the restaurant where you love to eat? Where is the place that makes you feel complete?

Go there and take a few minutes and see what it is that brings you joy. Chances are the colors in that environment have something to do with why you love it so much.

Take your camera and take pictures of the things you love most in your special area. I suggest you go to your top three places that invoke deep feelings for you.

Do the same thing in each location, don’t forget the pictures this will tell the story of what it is that attracts you to the locations. One more twist, go to a place you hate and feel uncomfortable. Take a few pictures there and compare them.

When you finish your adventure evaluate the pictures, in most cases you will see a definite pattern in colors or architecture or location.

What are the colors that keep coming up? Is there a certain style that repeats? Is everything you love out in nature? Usually you will find something that will show a pattern.

Jot down you’re discoveries, evaluate all aspects of what you found. This will provide a great outline for designing and painting your home, even deciding perhaps where you would be most happy living.

I have lived in Colorado most of my live and love the outdoors, my body starts to relax when I go into the mountains. The colors in my house are all taken from nature, greens, rich browns, burnt orange, with a little purple thrown in.

My husband grew up in Chicago and he loves that energy driven lifestyle. The sleek glass contemporary high-tech skyscrapers, his style is slick and very modern with white, gray and black as his color choices, like his office.

I have often given this as homework for my students in my “Choosing Color” classes, they found it to eye opening and had fun understanding a little better what made them tick.

Subconsciously we are all being told many things about life by our likes and dislikes. Slow down and see what your world is trying to tell you.

I love Interior Design and helping people find ways to make their homes and lives more beautiful. In all my years in the industry my favorite time is spent teaching design and color classes and watching my students come alive with creativity.

Usually all it takes is someone giving you some tips and tricks to inspire the great designer in you. Please follow me as we find new ways to create a home of your dreams.


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