40 Amazing Big Tree Landscaping Ideas

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With many new homeowners longing for instant shade and a mature look to their landscape, larger sized trees are becoming more popular. The immediate impact of a large sized tree can be awesome in the landscape.

They can provide a degree of proportion to today’s larger homes that younger plantings may not achieve for several years. In addition, more mature trees can provide privacy screening and noise abatement due to their greater width and density.

Larger trees can serve as a strong anchor or focal point within the landscape. A single, mature ornamental tree or evergreen can be the star performer in your garden and help to make the smaller adjacent plantings seem larger and less “new” in your yard.

Large shade, evergreen and ornamental trees can be moved successfully as long as certain precautions are taken. Many of these trees are transplanted with a truck-mounted piece of equipment called a tree-spade.

The root ball of these larger trees may weigh several tons and measure several feet across. They are moved from a farm where the trees roots have been pruned back in prior years resulting in a denser root system than indigenous trees.

This denser root system will support the tree during transplanting and provide a healthy start for the tree in its new home. Most often these trees are moved during the dormant months of late fall through late winter yet many trees can be moved during the summer after their new spring growth has hardened off.

Normally, these trees are soaked for several days prior to the move and an anti-desiccant spray may be applied to the foliage to reduce moisture loss. This procedure will increase water within the tree and reduce water lost through the leaves.

Many professional landscape design/build companies offer a wide variety of larger sized trees for “instant shade” available through many local growers. I have successfully installed trees towering over thirty feet in height.

Your landscape design consultant has the knowledge and experience to guide you in selecting the trees best suited to your situation. If lounging in the shade of your oak or maple this summer sounds inviting, make plans now. And “think big”!


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