Awesome Front Door Planter Ideas15
Awesome Front Door Planter Ideas15

40 Awesome Front Door Planter Ideas

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The walkway, porch and front door are the first things that visitors see and they may be appalled, bored or intrigued by the view. Creating a welcoming entry area is really not difficult and you may even find yourself looking forward to getting home once you have made a few simple alterations to this area.

One of the easiest things to do is add a few colorful or dramatic planters full of foliage or blooming plants along the sides of your walkway. Or maybe you would prefer to group them in an interesting arrangement close to the porch.

Another option is to place them on the steps leading up to your porch. If you like a more formal look, then put matching containers with the same plants on either side of one or more steps. If you prefer a more casual look, then place the flower pots just on one end of a step or on one side of the porch and add another single container with eye-catching blooms or foliage closer to the street on one side of the walkway.

Another decorative addition to the entry area is a plant stand. Placing potted plants on a wrought iron plant stand or a pair of stands, for example, gives the additional advantage of height to your arrangement and carries the eye from your containers on ground level up to mid-level for a more pleasing transition and visual appeal.

There are some lovely planter/plant stands that actually include a little sign that states “Welcome” and that conveys that message with style. This planter and stand combination can be positioned closer to the street or to the porch and front door. Either way, everyone who comes to visit will appreciate your intention.

None of these ideas is expensive to implement and they add a great deal of charm and beauty to a space that could otherwise look bare or uninviting. One of the benefits of having these plants in containers and on plant stands is that you have the flexibility to move things around for some variety or for better sun exposure, You can easily add more flower pots and stands or move them to other areas of your yard or garden, all according to what suits your taste.

So what are you waiting for? Get things set up to say “Welcome” to your friends and neighbors in a big way with just a little effort.


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