Amazing Wooden Porch Ideas16
Amazing Wooden Porch Ideas16

36 Amazing Wooden Porch Ideas

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For those summer months a wooden porch swing can make such a difference to the enjoyment of your garden. If you are considering investing in a wood porch swing then read on to find out how to make your choice.

There are a few different types of wood used in a porch swing, the following are the most common.

Cypress – cypress is a very hardy wood. It is resilient to elements such as the weather and wood boring insects. This is due to the natural oils. It’s color is a pale honey, turning gray as it ages.

Pine – pine is one of the most popular woods used. Lightweight and the least expensive, it still retains a quality finish. The cons are that it will need staining quite often to extend the life of the swing.

Alder – alder is renowned for being strong while also inexpensive. However the natural finish is not as striking as other woods, so it is often painted.

Ceder – ceder is the most sought after wood used as a porch swing. It is naturally very rot and insect resistant. New ceder is a red color, turning first brown then a silvery grey as it ages. Like pine it is lightweight. There two main types of ceder; Northern White and Western Red. Western Red ceder swings are often thought to be the better choice as they have a deep red color with a fine texture and a pleasing aroma.

The styles of porch swings can differ too. Most likely the seats will have horizontal slats, however the backs can be quite unique to each swing. A traditional type is a vertical top to bottom style which is both comfortable and practical. Other types are more decorative, with curved backs and some even have intricate carvings around the top.

Of course it is a matter of taste which design you choose. Often it is best to spend some time sitting upon a swing that you like. Sometimes the most fanciful of designs do not make the most comfortable of seats.

A deciding factor in choosing a good quality wooden porch swing is price. Prices can range from 200 dollars to upwards of 800 dollars. Often the type of wood it is made from will be a deciding factor in the price. Obviously a Western Red Ceder patio swing will cost far more than any other, but will be the most striking. Pine, alder and cypress will be more economical and pine the best value.

Also consider the build quality. Whether the porch swing has a canopy will be another factor that will determine the price. However if your porch swing will be under cover then you will not require this additional extra.

Finding a good quality wooden porch swing should not take too much hard work if you follow this guide. You can try looking in your local garden center to get a rough idea of designs and comfort. However do consider purchasing one online as the savings made can be substantial.


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