Ispiring Rustic Elegant Exposed Brick Wall Ideas Living Room05
Ispiring Rustic Elegant Exposed Brick Wall Ideas Living Room05

48 Ispiring Rustic Elegant Exposed Brick Wall Ideas Living Room

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If your guest room includes a brick wall as one of its architectural features, there are ways of beautifully accessorizing and complementing the overall look. Brick is a sturdy material that lends a special decorating touch to interior walls. Although you might have to use a few different decorating techniques in a room with such a wall, the end result can be absolutely fabulous. Here are a few ways you can seamlessly blend guest room decor with an interior brick wall to create stunning results.

Evaluating the Brick Wall
The type and condition of the brick will play a big part in deciding how to decorate the room. In some cases, if the brick wall is not in the best condition, you might want to consider painting it. However, a rustic wall, even if it has a few structural or visual defects, can add a pleasantly rustic look to the room.

When assessing the brick wall, try to visualize your furniture, accessories and decorating accents in the room. If you think the brick wall will blend in nicely in its current condition, you might just want to give it a good cleaning with a stiff bristled brush to remove any dust and dirt. However, in some cases a coat of paint can really freshen and update an interior wall.

If you feel your wall could benefit from paint, clean the wall first and give it a coat of primer. Then, paint the wall with latex paint to give it a fresh new look. There are also cement based paints that can work well for brick surfaces. It’s also important to remember that hanging art and other decorating items can be more difficult on such a wall. If you need to hang artwork, shelving or other decorating items, be sure to use the appropriate lead anchors and concrete screws so that they are secure.

Designing Around Brick Walls
There are several ways to use a brick wall to complement the overall look of your guest room. If there’s only one such a wall in the room, you can utilize it as an eye-catching focal wall. By placing the head of the bed against the wall, you can help make it the focal point of the room. Or, place a small desk against the brick wall to delineate the space as a work area. You can also create a very homey living area within the guest room by arranging a comfortable chair, loveseat or table against the wall. If you’ve left the brick unpainted, rustic decorating accessories will usually look best.

Try accentuating the warm look of the unpainted brick by using warm colors as part of your decorating scheme. If you’ve painted the brick, choose decorating colors that play up the color, creating a nice coordinated look. An exposed brick wall can be a very special architectural feature within a room, so you should play it up as much as possible. The end result will be a guest room with plenty of warmth, design and character that your guests will simply love.


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