Amazing House Exterior Design Inspirations Ideas 201703
Amazing House Exterior Design Inspirations Ideas 201703

35 Amazing House Exterior Design Inspirations Ideas 2017

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Are you tired of the exterior design of your house? I recommend you to make a plan for renovation. Make the design before you do the renovation of your house. The simplest form of renovation is the paint renovation.

You need to apply new paint for very few years to keep the house look nice. Even though you do not have a luxurious house, you can still make your house look nice by having the simplest renovation.

Vinyl siding can be considered if you are planning for renovation. It is very durable, neat, and long-lasting. Vinyl siding is available in affordable price. Choose the best color that can make your house looks great.

Planning to have a unique house is good but you have to consider whether the color is appropriate or not. Look at the other homes before you re-paint your house. Never over do the paint because your house might look weird.

For instance, shocking pink color will make your house stand out of the other houses. If your house is painted in neutral color, you can re-paint it with light or darker color. Choose soft color to keep the balance. You can also make shades for outstanding house.

Match the color of every element in your house. You can avoid jarring image by matching the color. Never add contrasting color to keep the color balance. Exception can be made if you are in low-budget.

You can make some tricks to solve this problem. If you cannot change the old unit with the new one that has the similar color, you can simply paint it to the nearest color scheme. Other trick is by adding another unit that has the similar color.

If you have an old house, you can choose the color scheme that goes along with the architecture. Take color sample for easier color fitting. You can hire professional to do this job because old house exterior renovation is kind of hard to be done by beginner.


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