41 Amazing Small Rv Bathroom Toilet Remodel Ideas

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The bathroom is often considered a sanctuary. There is the tub and in today’s home that tub is surrounded by candles. Some homes have modern accessories, such as heated floors or fixtures. The bathroom should be a place of comfort, where one can take the time to themselves and relax, no matter what the size of the bathroom.

When you are considering a small bathroom remodel, you should be aware of the tips that can help to create the illusion of a larger bathroom that will help to ensure for a more comfortable and luxurious bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips for a Small-Sized Bathroom

When choosing your toilet, select a toilet that is smaller in size i.e. more compact. To give the illusion of a larger sized bathroom, select a taller toilet in comparison as to a wider or shorter toilet.

When choosing your sink, choose a pedestal or wall mounted sink. This will free up floor space, giving the appearance of a bigger bathroom.

When choosing your whirlpool tub or spa, choose one that is smaller and designed for a small bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Decorative Tips

When choosing your mirror, choose a mirror that has a small frame or no frame at all. This will give the bathroom a larger appearance and will allow further reflection of the room’s light.

When finishing the walls of the bathroom, choose one of the walls and cover it completely with mirror. By making one of the walls a mirror wall, you will be giving a bigger appearance to the room.

When adding items such as your linens to the room, only add what is necessary. Also, with the towel bar at the sink, choose a single towel ring over a towel bar.

Be creative with storage.

Bathroom Remodeling Decorating Tips

When choosing the colors for the bathroom, choose colors that are lighter and brighter shades.

Instead of using blinds or curtains for the windows, use glass block or frosted windows.

Draw the eye upward by using paint or wallpaper with vertical stripes or designs, and border the top of the wall.

Under and above the sink and toilet use small shelves that are pleasant in appearance and provide additional storage space.

Add luxuries and upgrades that help to enhance the bathroom, such as heated towel rods, fragrances, massaging shower heads, spa tub, radiant floor heating or a fogless mirror.

Remember, when remodeling a small bathroom that it is important not to choose items that over power the bathroom. Simplicity is the best rule of thumb when it comes to remodeling a small bathroom. Also, when choosing your colors for the remodel of the bathroom, do not choose more than two colors.

An elegant, comfortable and luxurious bathroom can be achieved even in the smallest rooms, provided that there is the proper planning and the proper tips are taken into consider. Illusion is a magnificent power, and one, that when it comes to remodeling small bathrooms, is something that should be followed as the rule of thumb, as the effect is everything.


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