Inspiring Rustic Hanging Bulb Lighting Decor Ideas 45
Inspiring Rustic Hanging Bulb Lighting Decor Ideas 45

48 Inspiring Rustic Hanging Bulb Lighting Decor Ideas

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Chandelier light fixtures can bring a dramatic flair to any open space that needs a touch of beauty and elegance. No longer confined to a ballroom and filled with crystal and lights that rain like a prism below to the floor, rustic chandeliers can bring together an old world charm by using wood, metal, color and natural style.

Your decor is the major factor in selecting the perfect chandelier light fixtures for your home. Anything made out of natural products can add drama to a room that is filled with an outdoor aura. Rustic chandeliers come in an assortment of styles from deer antlers to straight lines of rusted metal. Round, square or oblong in dimension and hung with chains or ropes will define a large lodge-like room.

The size of chandelier light fixtures must be in proportion with your area. The taller the ceiling the larger the chandelier light fixtures should be. Entranceways can be graced by rustic chandeliers that provide the theme for what is inside but care must be taken not to overpower the space with an out of proportion fixture.

The bottom of your chandelier should not hang more than 7 feet from the floor. The dimension of your rustic chandeliers in proportion to your entryway can appear either as a pleasing journey into what lies ahead or can draw the attention of one’s gaze to an object that just doesn’t look quite right. An easy formula to use in selecting the right sized hanging light fixture in the entranceway is to measure your area. For example, if your foyer is 12′ by 15′, add 12 plus 15 to arrive at 27. 27 inches is the proper diameter for your chandelier. This formula will work for any area of your home.

Stay away from bright colors and gleaming brasses that do not do justice to a rustic interior. Natural and outdoorsy is the theme that you want to portray with chandelier light fixtures that accent your rustic decor. Greens, browns and grays are examples of simplicity that will bring a rustic room together.

Too much light is also the mistake that many homeowners make in selecting bulbs for theirĀ chandelier light fixtures. More is not always better especially when you are trying to create a certain atmosphere with rustic chandeliers. Rule of thumb is to take the room dimensions (12’x12’= 144 square feet) and multiply this total by 1.5. This will give you the total watts necessary for the space (216 watts). If you have 6 bulbs, select the lower of the bulbs available (30 watt as opposed to 50 watt). You can always add matching wall sconces to make up the difference if needed.

Rustic chandeliers come in all sizes and shapes to bring harmony to a room without taking away from the theme when you are selective in your style, placement, dimensions and illumination. Always remember the flavor of the area and not just how lovely a light fixture may be.


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