Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 43
Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 43

47 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

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Things have moved on in the world of bespoke. Modern kitchen designs. with dark wood in a Country-style with intricate mouldings have been replaced, the changes have been fairly revolutionary.

Simple clean lines are the coveted result. Colours are now brighter and crisper. They use several materials including the old stalwart, solid wood. The options open to you have no ceiling.

Most designers specialise in a particular style, so avoid companies renowned for there rustic ranges if you are seeking modern kitchen designs. Creating the ultimate kitchen is possible with a good bespoke designer.

Not as cheap as other kitchens because of there uniqueness. Variable costing makes it easier to find the right price for your new kitchen. Before you start your search make sure you have a budget in mind.

Funny shaped rooms are a concern if you have gone for a fitted kitchen, although bespoke obviously will take longer to manufacture. The reality of cost on bespoke pales when you see the finished product.

With no accessories in a minimalist kitchen the colours take on more importance. Primary colours can now make any kitchen stand out. But if you yearn for a professional look, brushed stainless steel or aluminum is a good choice.

Laminates and even good old M D F (or should I say young) can look good with the advances in the use of adhesion verses durability. A small kitchen would be lighter when lacquers are applied because they reflect the light better than ever.

Solid wood is also good in the modernistic bespoke kitchen. The lighter woods such as birch and maple function very well but so do dark woods.

Glass is important in modern kitchen designs Work surfaces, glass doors with internal lighting brighten the whole kitchen area and add to the modern feel particularly in smaller kitchens.

People sometimes say that modern kitchen designs are not as good as their traditional predecessors, but this is not the case. Modern materials like veneers or composites are tested to very high standards and recognised by all good designers.

Great news for those who enjoy the nostalgia for traditional craftsmanship but who want modern kitchen designs, is that bespoke is probably the best option.

Some companies still use traditional building methods like dovetail, mortise and tenon joints and work with solid wood. The clean, lines that make modern kitchen designs spotlight both craftsmanship and materials can still be found.

Surfing the net will bring up great ideas and perfect companies who can do what you ask. So maybe you can have that dream bespoke kitchen without the hefty price tag.


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