Modern Ginger Jars Living Room Decorations 38
Modern Ginger Jars Living Room Decorations 38

43 Modern Ginger Jars Living Room Decorations

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The Asian room divider has been around for centuries. Although developed by the Chinese, it became popular because of the Japanese. Very decorative, it also has other uses like sectioning off the room into separates areas. For instance, a sleeping and changing area, a kitchen and dining area or a study and a living room area.

The divider can also be used as artwork. You do this by putting this flat against the wall. Just make sure it is secure so that it does not fall down. Another option will be to put this in the bedroom and use one side as the headboard.

If you have a Japanese divider, you should incorporate this with a floral arrangement using orchids or a bonsai tree as well as Japanese calligraphy for that classic look. If you decide to purchase a Chinese divider, you should incorporate this with a porcelain ginger jar, Buddha, large vases or even fish pots.

One thing that stands out when you arrange a room using a Chinese divider compared to the Japanese is that the Chinese believe in the interior design principles of Feng Shui. They believe that the proper arrangement of space attracts “chi” or positive energy that will give the person success, love, health and happiness.

Another thing you can try is by folding the divider on an angle in one of the corners of the space because this adds interest to that area of the room. You should fold the hinges to the right angle in the best corner of the room creating space to hide surplus storage.

Aside from the accessories mentioned earlier that you will put in front of the divider, you can also put a chair, a potted plant or a table. Some examples that are great to have are those rich in color black and gold painting, subtle with florals and textured with carving and raised panels.

Again, be sure whatever you put matches otherwise something will be out of place. You should also not overdo it because Asian décor in general is a very minimal form of art and a few pieces goes a long way.

The important thing about the divider and the décor that goes with it is that this should bring balance to the home. This should be in tune with nature helping you enjoy the simple pleasures in life.


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