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The hanging tomato method is a strange system that has been adopted by lots of growers. There are many reasons that has driven tomato growers to make this drastic move. Growing hanging tomatoes has very varied advantages – one of them being that you do not encounter soil related diseases. Most pests and rodents will easily attack plants that have been grown on the ground. These plants are usually planted in containers and are therefore very easy to move.

This method has proven to be a very result-oriented kind. Growers have experienced better quality fruits and bigger yields. It has also been proven that this method has its own demerits too, quick loss of moisture is a common thing and this can be remedied by constant checking of each plant and watering it when needed.

Tomatoes do incredibly well in containers. They are also easy to maintain and manage when in containers. This is enough reason to make farmers to shift to this method – plus it is flexible and also requires minimum space. The ability of moving your plants without any damage gives you a huge advantage since in the case of extreme weather changes you could easily move or cover your plants.

Hanging tomatoes in containers at eye level has greatly improved the ease with which one can tend to them. Plants located at this height are easy to see and detect any signs of diseases. Hence you will easily be able to treat or quarantine any that show signs of disease. If you dread long hours of sitting on your legs and bending you will find great relief by using this method.

Tomatoes usually grow to a great length making it hard to use the hanging tomato method. A remedy for this is hanging the containers upside down. This allows them to grow naturally with the aid of gravity hence there is no need to support the plants, no matter how heavy they might be due to the fruits.

A hanging tomato plant has a lot of advantages, one of them being that it is able to resist many diseases since it enjoys lots of air. This factor allows it to be immune to water or moisture related diseases. Rotting and other moisture related diseases have been known to bring about a lot of losses in tomato growing. The same has also been known to increase costs, due to chemicals purchased for the control of such incidences.

Although the hanging tomatoes method is simple and easy to manage, watering the plants is a very difficult process making it occasionally very hard to give the plants water. This however can be remedied by the introduction of an irrigation system that will be able to water the plants automatically during different times of the day. This having been sorted it makes the method absolutely economical to use.

Growing by means if the hanging tomato method has focused minds on how to change the previous methods of growing tomatoes, allowing them to be grown almost everywhere with minimum complication. Provided that there is water, the weather is the least of your worries and this method can be established anywhere. It will ensure minimum labor and in return ensure maximum yield hence bigger profits.


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