41 Amazing Air Plants Decor Ideas

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What is the meaning of plants to those who live in urban environments? They are just some green, and/or colorful entity filling up the sidewalks and lawn yards. They show off their beauty at the start of spring and onward through summer, and leave us with a somewhat depressing look of a leafless-lifeless appearance in the fall and winter.

So what happens when we are introduced to the hardy, all-year-round Air Plant? The world probably isn’t ready for flying plants just yet. Fortunately, this simply is a name and not a description of what the plant species actually does. In other words, air plants don’t fly through the air.

What exactly are air plants?

Air plants are a type of Epiphytes, which basically means they need no soil to grow. They do require a support platform to begin growing. Even though the air plant needs a base to begin growing, it is not like a parasite. The plant gets its nutrients from the moisture and dirt particle floating in the air. The roots of the plants are mainly used as a means of attaching itself to a supporting object. The air plant is found mostly in the South America tropical forests and other hot climates.

The sunlight needs of the plant

When grown as an indoor plant it can add a nice decorative element to any living space. This is not a typical plant you will find in every city. As with other plants, sunlight is an important plant growth factor. The light provided to this plant can be from artificial lighting or natural sunlight. Air plant enjoys direct sunlight, but do not leave them in it for too long since its leaves will burn.

Avoid mistakes during the summer

Artificial lighting is a safer method of keeping your plant healthy during the summer season. Compared with other plants it needs a large intake of water. This does not mean it should be immersed in water for extended a length of time.


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