Awesome Country Mirror Bathroom Decor Ideas 43
Awesome Country Mirror Bathroom Decor Ideas 43

48 Awesome Country Mirror Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Country style is one of the most popular themes in interior design. For many decades people get used to live in big cities, that is why country style became a kind of classic that looks good but has a bit of exotic at the same time.

Bathroom would be one of the best places to test interior design skills. Bathrooms are usually rather smaller then other rooms in the house so it would not take you a lot of time or effort to get the results.

Walls and floor are the place to start. Walls should be painted in warm color. Light yellow, beige or sandy brown would be the perfect choice. It is a good idea to leave your ceiling white. Please note that you have to use water-repellent paint, because bathrooms are usually exposed to humid air.

I suggest covering floor with tiles. You would need to use a little creativity in this step, because there are many different options when picking up floor tiles. The first one I would recommend – is to create a simple chess-board pattern involving two colors. The first color needs to be bright and the other should be much darker. Ivory and light gray would do fine such as white and chocolate brown.

Another option for picking tiles for bathroom floor would be to use solid color. I this case you would need to pay attention to its surface. Dark brown bumpy tiles that look like natural masonry would look classy.

Setting up an appropriate bath tub in your bathroom is a really vital step. You will need to find a vintage-looking, cast-iron tub. There is a chance that you can find one in local hardware stores, but you always can order one online. My advice would be never to buy used bath tub. The new one would coast a bit more, but it would be much nicer to relax in.

Now when we have done the basic setup it is time to pay attention to all these little details that will bring the charm in your bathroom.

Make sure that all the hardware in the bathroom (faucets, towel bars and door knob) is made of bronze or brass. If it is impossible to get those – try finding ones that, at least, look like bronze or brass. Bright and shiny steel faucet will easily distract the vintage style.

Shower curtain should be made in resemblance with country style. Usually it means that it have to be variegated and to be based on square pattern. Use warm colors that have something to do with your floor tiles.


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