47 Creative Diy Chandelier Lamp Lighting

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Antler light fixtures are a great example of rustic or western motif and can add a great degree of style to your home if that is the look you are intending to achieve. This style can be a very dominant feature in a room, so think less is more in this case. If you apply the look with subtle accents, you will enjoy them for many years to come.

Antler light fixtures have a very natural and outdoorsy feel to them and they work particularly well in rooms that are decorated with warm tones and natural wood features. The most popular type is probably the antler chandelier; however you also have the option sconces, ceiling fans, and varying sizes of lamps too.

This style of lighting is great for the eclectic decorator or someone that is really interested in having truly unique pieces. This is because each fixture is made to order and each one will look a little different from the next. For items that include lamp shades, each shade is hand-pulled for a one-of-a-kind feel. This type of lighting is also very neutral in color, which is great for working with just about any palette.

As with any decorating project, there are some steps to start with. Be sure to consider the size of the room you are working in. You don’t want to put a really large chandelier or fixture into a small or medium sized room. Work with your proportions. Once you know the general size you are looking for, start shopping. There is a fantastic selection of¬†antler lighting¬†online. Shop around for a reputable online furniture retailer and check out shipping and return options too before you make a purchase.

Design projects are really an art and a balancing act, be sure to not go over-the-top with the design theme. Employing too many elements of one strong style can make take over the room and make the decor feel overwhelming. Attempt to find balance in your design and incorporate one or two highly decorative items and then work in more subtle accent items.

Once you have purchased your new fixtures and it comes time for installation, be sure to do your research if you intend to do a DIY project. Also be sure to work with a partner, especially if you have a large fixture to install. If at any point you are unsure of the steps of installing your new fixture, be sure to consider hiring an electrician to finish the job. Safety should always remain the number one priority; in all DIY projects.


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