Inspiring Rustic Small Bathroom Wood Decor Design 24
Inspiring Rustic Small Bathroom Wood Decor Design 24

45 Ispiring Rustic Small Bathroom Wood Decor Design

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If you find information on styles of bathroom, you will find hundreds of them and various options to decorate your bathroom in shopping malls, lifestyle and décor magazines, newspapers, internet, etc.

However, before digging in the information on bathroom interior elements we should know our taste and the styles of bathroom so that we should incorporate those elements properly.

The problem is that many people do not know the styles and their distinguishing properties. The result is often chaos, with expensive fittings and accessories making it impossible to find anything you need, or important functional items being placed in prominent unattractive places so that they will not be lost. This is a problem, which could be with no trouble cured by simply getting information about bathroom styles.

The most important aspect of creating a new bathroom is choosing the style of bathroom you want to have. However, the bathroom should be functional and practical, but look of the bathroom is also important.

The style of your small bathroom can also make it look larger. Country and French styles bathrooms look small and cluttered. While contemporary looks sleek, spacious, and open.

Therefore, we discuss the various bathroom designs and their properties.

For Bathroom interior, we have three basic styles of bathroom– country, contemporary, and traditional. All of them have prominent differences in colors, fixtures, and fine details.

Contemporary Style:

Contemporary style is minimalist style known for its consistency. It is clean, uncluttered and sleek having plain and straight line interior where wood and stone finishes play very important role.

It is applicable in homes having modern interior. It emphasizes on textures, material, lines, lighting and sharp edged designs.

Use neutral colors such as – whites, blacks, creams, earth tones and grays. But people really want to feel somewhat energetic in bathroom then they can highlight the wall by painting in an accent color without disturbing the overall simplicity and of the contemporary bathroom. However, you cannot use the eclectic look for the whole bathroom, if contemporary.

Some of the important properties of contemporary bathroom are brushed metal fixtures, textured cotton fabric, natural stones, freestanding bathtub, logical lighting.

Contemporary bathrooms include:

· Use furniture with clear and clean lines with smooth surfaces.

· Furniture should be of light color wood like maple, teak with minimal grains.

· You can use stainless steel furniture, Clear glass, chrome, and nickel.

· When painting the walls, choose shades of brown, taupe, cream or pure white. However, neutral does not mean boring, so be sure to infuse the room with small splashes of a more vibrant, bold color.

· This may include painting one wall with an accent color, adding a bold red sofa, or adding vivid accessories, such as decorative pillows, towels, rugs or art. Just be sure not to over-accessorize — the key to contemporary design is simplicity.

· Lighting plays the most important role in contemporary design, to illuminate the decor. Track lighting are popular in contemporary design.

· Natural fabrics such as silk, wool, linen, and cotton are used for upholstered chairs. However, bold color or geometric pattern may be brought into the design with pillows, a rug or throw.

· Stainless steel, nickel and chrome metals are prevalent for bath vanity in contemporary design

· Glass shelves can be used to give urban style to the bathroom

· To make your bathroom more interesting, One of the wall can be highlighted with textured paint or linen wallpapers

· In the bathroom, you may use fluffy rugs, towels, or fabric shower curtains.

· Floors in a contemporary style home should be smooth in wood, tile, or vinyl


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