41 Lovely Traditional Attic Ideas

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Ah, it’s a needy relationship we homeowners have with our attics. Whether you’ve noticed it or not, the condition of your attic greatly affects your level of comfort in your home. Are you treating your attic well? Are you getting out of the relationship what you put in? Let me explain.

It’s absolutely true that the state of windows and doors, or more specifically, how well they seal, may lead to drafts. The influx of cold air must be battled by your furnace, but your furnace may already be working overtime.

Attics built within the last twenty years still reflect the best technology the 1970’s had to offer. That’s right, the 1970’s. While new products have hit the market, the building standards which specify codes for builders to follow haven’t changed since the 1970’s. That means that while your attic likely has a decent layer of regular mass-type attic insulation, it may not be enough to ward off the chill on a winter night or protect you from the baking temps of the summer.

What you need is another layer of protection for your relationship. You need radiant barrier in your attic.

Radiant barrier is product manufactured by the roll and vaguely resembles an oversized box of aluminum foil. Radiant barrier is made of 99% pure aluminum baked over an inner scrim of woven polyester. The product is durable and easy to handle, yet cuts easily with scissors.

Your attic insulation just shouldn’t be alone. It isn’t sufficient protection against conduction. But when radiant barrier is added over traditional attic insulation, emissivity levels drop considerably. The result is more consistent temperatures inside the living spaces throughout the winter. By placing the product over the rafters (an additional installation), you’ll also help keep your house cooler during the summer months.


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