42 Lovely Colourful Sofa Ideas

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Do you find that your living area lacks something in terms of design and colour? Do you want to add a piece of furniture that not only offers a practical use but is attractive in design and compliments your current layout and theme?

Purchasing a new sofa is the perfect way to change the outlook of your living area in an instant and providing you do your research and and take the time to choose the right sofa for your home you will find a sofa purchase to be one of the best investments that anyone can possibly make.

Before getting over excited and heading out to get the sofa of your dreams you must cover a few bases beforehand to prevent any headache when in store or purchasing online. Read on to find out what you should be looking for to help you make the best choice possible.

Decide on a budget

Budget is important if you really want to keep within a certain amount. Being more flexible provides you with a wider choice in variety in terms of material, size and design. With improved manufacturing methods no available in the construction of most home furniture you will always find a piece that is not too heavy on the pocket yet not too light to insure lower quality.

Choosing the right size of sofa

Size is something that will need to be considered seriously when making a new purchase. Before deciding on a styling of sofa I recommend taking measurements of your living space to determine the exact measurements you will need. If you live in a household with numerous family members then you will also need to consider size as well as amount of chairs you will need. Never assume that the biggest types are always the best, in terms of design an oversized sofa in a small environment can hinder the visual appeal of the surrounding area and in many cases look quite silly.

What type of fabric do you want for your sofa?

There are 2 types of sofa material on the market, leather and canvas fabric types. With leather you have various colours to choose from as well as many different types of quality from soft leather to more rugged hard leather. For long term use and durability I recommend the hard types as they are less prone to form cracks and tear.

Another point to remember is that leather sofas will need to be regularly maintained to insure long life whilst fabric canvas types are more set and forget. If you think your sofas are going to be prone to staining then leather is the easiest material to clean. Both have there pros and cons so it would be wise to think carefully what will best suit your needs not only for the short term, but long term also considering the amount f money that sofas usually cost.

Colour of sofa chairs

When choosing a colour you want to pick a choice that goes well with the area in question. If your living area consists of beige and while tones then a darker coloured sofa is best suited to highlight a particular area. Both fabric and leather sofas come in a multitude of colours with some being extremely vivid and bold in colour using yellows and reds.


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