41 Amazing Painting Wallpaper on Livingroom

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When you have decided to change your wallpaper on the wall, there are several things we have to do first. Applying the wallpaper paste immediately may just ruin the whole project. The following steps listed below can help us with what procedures we need to do before the painting the wallpaper paste on the wall surface.

The very first thing we need to do is to remove the old wallpaper that is still attached on the wall. It can be difficult to remove when it has been years on the wall. We can use scraper tools to help us to the job. It is important to remove all the remaining wallpaper until the wall is left with bare and clean surface. If you see any small spots that still has wallpaper on it, you need to thoroughly scrape it over.

If we are done with the removing of the wallpaper, the next thing we are going to do is to clean the wall. With this, we are going to us an abrasive cleaner. This will help remove all the tiny bits of wallpaper left on the wall that was not entirely removed by the scraper. We need to leave the wall dry for an entire 24 hours after the cleaning. That way, it will be totally dried out when we apply the wallpaper paste.

Now when the wall is completely dry, the next thing we are going to do is to fill in the gaps and tiny holes by using the plaster with joint compound or if your wall is made of wood, we are going to use the wood filler. Any loose debris that is on the wall must be brushed off. After that, dampen the area with a wet sponge first. Fill the gaps and then let the area dry until it becomes firm.

After the plasters are completely dried, we need to sand the wall to smoothen out any uneven surfaces. Remember to only use gentle strokes on the wall. Too much sanding may ruin the whole plastered area. The idea is to get a smooth finish.

Once you see that the wall is all evened out, and then it is the time you can apply and paint the wallpaper paste on the wall. You can now freely paste the wallpaper anytime you like.

Doing the above procedures before the pasting of the wallpaper is very important. If these are not followed, it will leave our walls with imperfections and bumps when the wallpaper is already attached. But with the above procedures, we can easily get the smoothened surface and area with the wallpapered wall.


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