49 Cozy Livingroom for Your Family

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Living in a cottage-like environment means relaxation and coziness. Cottages are full of casual accessories, inviting fabrics, and relatively light colors. Lodges and cottages fit flawlessly with a worry-free way of life.

To decorate your living room to feel like you are living in a cottage, read below (specially if you don’t want to break the bank). From living room furniture, to simple color theory elements, a comfortable cottage-like livingroom is within your grasp.

Tip #1: It can be done.
Chalet and cottages are not the only places that can display chalet-style decoration, your home can accomplish the same thing in the interior because it is its own micro-universe. You can get many items to help your livingroom furniture fit in a cottage-like space within a reasonable budget.

Tip #2: Living room furniture strategies.
Don’t feel obligated to spend a lot on living room furniture, there is no need for it. Furniture that is styled for a cottage is light in nature and it makes a room calm and cozy. Don’t go for gloomy pieces, instead opt for joyful colors (i.e. calm blues, greens, yellows; inviting reds; etc.).

The living room doesn’t necessarily have to include wicker or other predictable woods. Consider chintz, toile, and floral fabrics. As for furniture like armoires, coffee tables and side tables, keep in mind that old pieces with a little worn paint or tattered ends give the room an overall aesthetic cottage appeal.

Tip #3: Uniqueness.
Looking for accessories can be exciting and interesting. When you think of complementing your livingroom furniture, think of eclectic accessories. Incorporate objects with unique shapes, antiques with interesting stories to them, items from the beach, vintage photographs and more.

It is possible to renovate the living room to have a cottage feel, and it can be done without spending a lot of money. Visit flea markets; shop at garage sales on weekends; and look through old keepsakes of your grandparents’ and great-grandparents’. Have fun decorating, and do it with love.


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