49 Amazing and Cozy Porch You Can Copy

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Most of us love some great front porch ideas that are sure to make our home feel welcoming and cozy. Sometimes it is not easy trying to figure out the ideal style of decorating for your particular home. I want to share with you a few easy ways to decorate your front porch according to its design.

Country Porch. If you live off the beaten path and are in love with the idea of a view from your front porch being more like rolling hills, wilderness scenes, or just a long stretch of land dotted with the beauty of nature then you will enjoy a country style porch. These porches typically are low to the ground but not always.

They are usually made from wood or poured concrete and there is an array of different ways to decorate them. A country porch is never complete without rocking chairs. You can use as many or as little as you like but at least have one. A knitted afghan infused with vibrant colors hung upon a rocker is sure to add some down home charm. Wicker seating is a favorite on many country porches and you must not forget the swing!

Another great idea for your country porch is to use repurpose items to give your porch a broken in and crafty feel. Repurpose items to decorate your porch can include old doors, antique washboards, wooden shutters, old windows and even renovated tables.

Queen Anne/Victorian Porch. If you love romantic and ornamental arts and trim or you are mesmerized by the Renaissance Era, I think a Queen Anne/Victorian style porch will be great for you. These styles of porches are truly fit for a King or Queen and they add a touch of old time elegance to your home.

Most of these designs will include the use or wrought iron furniture, fencing or porch rails. You will also notice designs, curves and carved formations on the porch posts or railings and ornamental décor is the standard for this porch. Accent pillows line with ruffles, lace and floral designs are common as well as plenty of the color red.

Wrap Around/Farmhouse Porch. There is no porch any more grand and welcoming than the wrap around farmhouse porch. This porch is a true American favorite. The expansive space on the porch makes it easy to entertain guests, relax after a long day or just hang out with the children or grandchildren. These porches are normally simple in design and feature standard porch furniture, wicker style furniture, rockers, and simple tables.

Colonial Porch. This style of porch is easy to spot because of their grand towering columns. They are a well beloved porch dating back to the early days of America and have an English flair. You will see them on two story homes and are common on southern style plantation homes. The common décor on these styles of porches is plush and comfortable outdoor seating and simple yet elegant décor.

Small Porch. This porch basically is self explanatory. It is small, but that does not necessarily mean it should go without being noticed. There are many amazing ways to make your small porch cozy and stand out from the crowd. Carefully choose the items you would like to use on your porch.

Maybe you just have room for one or two simple chairs. Use the space you do have and do not worry about the space you do not have. Add flower planters to the porch rails to create a lovely small porch. Use empty corner space for corner planters and tables. This will free up the much needed floor space.


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